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May 3, 2010 / dfrelix

A Woman of Boldness

Are You Living Boldly for Christ?

Do you consider yourself to be a woman of boldness?  Do you have the boldness to do what others just dream?  Do you have the boldness to go where God tells you to go and boldness to say what He instructs you to say, no matter what? This type of boldness is generated by “righteous gall” to trust in the confidence of the One who lives in you that He is enabling you to accomplish what He inspires you to do. “But you don’t know the challenges I face as soon as I take steps toward what I believe God is leading me to do” you might say.  Well, a woman of boldness refuses to cower in the face of a challenge because she knows the power of the One who lives inside of her.  As a result she walks with her shoulders back and head held high because she knows she has victory over every obstacle through God who holds her hand.


Think About It

  1. Can you identify anything the Lord has placed on your heart to do for Him that you have yet to accomplish due to lack of boldness?

Take Action

  1. Take a moment and look at your response from the above section. For each item listed think about what keeps you from operating in the boldness that comes from knowing the power of God that lies within you to accomplish what He has inspired you to do.  It could be anything from fear to lack of preparation, but whatever it is, it is important that you do your best to identify what holds you back.
  2. Now that you have identified what blocks you from operating in boldness, take a moment and list at least one action you will begin doing today that carries you in the direction of living boldly for Christ. Remember, whatever God has placed on your heart to accomplish for Him you can rest assured that He has already provided the resources you need to fulfill His purpose and have good success.    

Copyright 2010 Dana Frelix

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