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June 14, 2010 / dfrelix

Place Your Hope in God

Do You Have Hope?

Hope is a powerful tool the Lord uses to keep His children encouraged and pushing forward.  It is an intangible force that gives us physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy to face another day with the expectation of receiving something better. What we hope for can be anything from an improved relationship with a loved one, to the hope of a better financial situation.

If circumstances in your life aren’t quite what you desire, don’t settle by giving up.  Place your trust in God who is your hope and your confidence to bring about a positive change. His Word says He will most certainly answer you when you place your hope in Him (Psalm 38:15). Challenge yourself to expect a better day will most certainly come because you trust in the One who is your confidence.

Moment of Reflection:

What are you hoping for?

Take Action

Take a look at the list you made from Moment of Reflection. Talk to the Lord about each item you listed. You may be inspired to take action and trust God to bring about a positive change, or you may be inspired to do nothing and trust God to bring about a positive change. Whatever the outcome of your prayer time, I encourage you to place your confidence in Him by choosing to believe that He will bring it to pass in His timing and according to His will for your life.

Remember, God can most certainly be trusted with even the most intimate thing you hope for. Place your confidence in Him today.


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  1. TERI REES WANG / Jun 14 2010 6:10 pm

    I am hoping for clarity.
    Re-negotiating emotional, verbal and written contracts without over committing my Self.
    Sharing my best talents and showing up to my best potential prospects.

  2. Kenya / Jun 17 2010 1:47 am

    I couldn’t get a better word of encouragement than that. I am trusting in the Lord and hoping for a positive action in my life as well as lessons learned and strengthening my spirituality and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel good knowing that my situation is in Gods hands and he has already worked it out. Praise the Lord!!!!

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