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August 9, 2010 / dfrelix

How Prosperous are You?

Do You Consider Yourself Prosperous?

In today’s world, many of us have come to associate the word prosperity with “things.” If one has a large house, a fine car, the latest in fashion, and a huge bank account, we would almost undeniably consider that person prosperous—no questions asked. Now, while these things could be representative of prosperity, they are not (by any means) the total sum of what is meant by the word. Please don’t misunderstand, tangible things are nice, and for some they are a true reflection of the prosperity of one’s life; however, that is not the only way by which this gift of God is measured. Those things are just a facet of the type of blessings Jesus intended for us to have. 

Prosperity also means the way you take in life is blessed; that when you need them to, doors of opportunity open right before you; you have a good bill of health; your family is safe; your children are thriving; you enjoy a rich and fulfilling relationship with the Lord–these things are also considered elements of prosperity.  Take inventory of your life right now.  If you don’t have all the tangible things you desire, I encourage you to search your life for the intangible blessings that Christ has given you, and praise Him, because you are indeed prosperous.

Moment of Reflection:

Do you consider yourself prosperous? Is yes, please list ways your life has been made prosperous. If your answer is no, I encourage you to explain why you feel this way.

Take Action:

  1. If you answered yes to the question above, I encourage you to spend some time thanking God for each way He has made your life prosperous.
  2. If you answered no to the question above, I encourage you to read Psalm 23: 1, Joshua 1:8 and 3 John 1:2. Next, have a talk with the Lord and tell Him how you feel. Ask Him to open your eyes and help you see His hand of prosperity in your life that you may be overlooking.

Copyright 2010 Dana Frelix


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  1. TERI REES WANG / Aug 10 2010 2:37 am

    Good proposal.

    My new personal mantra that I offer up anytime I feeling a bit “Under”…

    I am Safe …Infinite Love and Gratitude.
    I am Sane …Infinite Love and Gratitude.
    I am SATISFIED!!!
    …Infinite Love and Gratitude.

    We all have everything we need, so we best love what we have.


    • dfrelix / Aug 16 2010 8:01 pm

      So true. Love the mantra!

    • Kenya / Aug 23 2010 8:33 am

      I love your mantra too so true and inspiring.

  2. Kenya / Aug 23 2010 8:32 am

    I consider myself very prosperous with tangible and intangible things, but it is the intangible things that last longer and means the most. Things that you have mention well being and security of God’s grace and mercy over my family, protection from world problems, remaining healthy because by his stripes my family and myself are heal. These are some intangible things as well as others that I don not take for granted and the reason why I praise the Lord daily! because when I wake up that is a blessing and for that I must give thanks for the prosperous day that I am going to have.

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