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November 7, 2011 / dfrelix

Awakened by Trials

Have you ever experienced a situation that was so challenging, it brought you to your knees in prayer the way nothing has ever done before? Were you surprised at the frequency or fervor in which you cried out to the Lord, or surprised at the things you were willing to give up to seek the face of God for answers?

Life has a way of issuing us those sorts of experiences every now and then. Although they hurt, if we allow them to drive us closer to God rather than away from Him, they will awaken something powerful in us that was placed there by Him long ago, because He knew we would have need of it. I have found that it’s that “awakening” that is key in ushering you and me right through whatever it is we are experiencing.

What is awakened looks different from one person to another. For example, I was recently awakened to a renewed passion for prayer; another individual could be awakened to a new level of faith and trust in God; someone else could be awakened to a new thirst for God’s Word. The possibilities are endless, but whatever it is that the turbulent storms of life have ignited within you, embrace it and allow it to carry you through your trial.

Let us not shrink into intimidation or fear because of the circumstances that come to test our faith. Rather, let’s rise to the level of awakening in us that these trials bring, and let us move forward knowing that God is on our side. In this world we will have tribulation, Our Father forewarned us of this, but He also encouraged us to take courage because He has overcome the world (John 16:33).


As you and I awaken to the new levels that God desires for us to rise to, I believe we will not only see major victories in our lives, but we will also evolve into a more powerful, more mature believer who will bring greater glory and honor to God and His Kingdom.

May you wholeheartedly embrace whatever it is God is awakening within you.

Copyright 2011 Dana Frelix


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